Some news.

My mom was diagnosed today with Acinic Cell Carcinoma, a cancer of the salivary glands. She’s without health insurance and the money for her biopsies were donated by their church and by friends, so it’s a worrisome time for more than a few reasons. We’re praying that her Federal Disability application goes through so she can get treated, and mostly we’re praying that she doesn’t give up hope and keeps trusting in God through this time.

After I got off of the phone with her all I could think about was a song by a Christian band called the O.C. Supertones, and their song called “Jury Duty”:

Though I haven’t had the best of days
Still I want to stop and thank You anyway
Every single moment, whether sleeping or awake
is Your creation, and what You’ve made is good

I don’t always thank You for the rough days
and the hard times in my life,
even though I should

Everything is God’s, the good days and the ones that aren’t worth saving. Thanks so much for your continued prayers for her and my family. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Some news.

  1. So sorry to hear the difficult path your mother will have in her future. I am praying for her. I haven’t heard of that form of cancer before, does it have a good survival rate? I was very upset (as was my mom) when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year, but the more research we did and the more we heard from the doctors, the better we felt about it all and she is now cancer free.

    • Thanks Mandi!

      It’s an extremely rare cancer and it has a pretty good survival rate, which is good news. We’re just hoping it hasn’t spread — and also trying to figure out how to pay for all of it. Since she’s uninsured it’s hard to find enough money for her procedures (her PET scan will cost $15,000, for example). But we’re trying to have faith that God will provide, as He always does!

      I’m glad your mom is better and healthy! 🙂

      • That’s great! (The survival rate, I mean.) I will pray that everything works itself out… I understand that money is a great obstacle to getting the proper care. Have you thought of adding a donation button to your blog or starting a CaringBridge website to update people on her care (they also have a donation option). You never know who would want to donate a little bit to help in her care.

      • Thanks! Yeah, I’m starting to plan some ideas about that…once we get the PET scan results in (hopefully tomorrow) then we can have a better idea of what we’ll need in terms of moving forward. Those are good ideas though; thanks for the heads-up!

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