Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog in an effort to talk to people about Catholicism the way people talk about everything else: openly, honestly, and authentically.  Catholics are called to holy lives, and I think we all get some of that holiness through having a bit of fun.  I also write about pop culture (book, TV, movie reviews), and not always from a religious standpoint.  I’m a mommy, too, and I write a bit about family life.

Where else has your writing been featured?

I’ve written a few pieces for RELEVANT magazine (both print and online).  I’m a blogger over at Pittsburgh Psychotherapy, and have also contributed to Coffee + Crumbs,  Theologues, and The Catholic Hipster.  My poetry has been featured in Up the Staircase Quarterly, Mad Swirl, and College English Notes.  I bet if you pray for me, it’ll show up in a few more places! 🙂

I like your style.  Can I book you to give a talk at my retreat / special event / backyard barbecue?

Sure! I have over ten years of experience in giving talks to folks of all ages about anything Catholic.  If you’re within a decent driving radius of Pittsburgh, PA, (or even if you aren’t) shoot me a message and we’ll talk!

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