My parish is running a monthly gathering for Moms beginning in October, and I just signed up.  It’s called “Momnipotent,” and is a discussion group focused specifically around motherhood and finding God through the challenges and joys it brings.

Here’s the trailer for the study:

I’m excited to check it out! I’ll let you know how it goes when it starts next month.


Casting The Bible



My brothers and I do this thing called “casting,” where we cast our friends as different roles in certain movies based on how they look or their personalities.

So it’s only natural to think that if I wanted to “cast” the Bible, I’d naturally start with Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu* as Sampson from the Old Testament.

The hair.  I AM JUST SAYING.  The personality, not so much -although I have zero doubt that he could rip a lion in half using only his strength, he doesn’t seem at all full of rage to me, much less the kind of guy that would frequent prostitutes and tear down temples and whatnot (all that’s in the Book of Judges, folks!)

I will definitely be doing more of these.

*Sampson probably wouldn’t rock a Steelers jersey, though.  You know.