Casting The Bible: King David


The first one was so much fun, I decided to try again.

Because the two most popular searches that lead people to my blog are King David and Moses, I decided to cast the former.  King David, the handsome shepherd-turned-God’s favorite was not only famous for, you know, knocking up some other man’s wife and killing said man to make it look like an accident, but also for his thorough – and fierce – devotion to the Lord.  Not only did he rule with a mighty hand, he was also a dancer, getting down with glee as the Ark of the Covenant passed by.

When King David screwed up he admitted his faults to God, penning one of the most famous psalms (Psalm 51); and God blessed him, elevating him to an almost unparalleled status (well, besides Moses, anyway).

And who better than to cast in this role than today’s hottest triple threat? Yeah.  JT.

I mean…do you really not see it?

Here it is again:

When he screwed up during that Super Bowl with that “wardrobe malfunction”, he apologized on TV, and God blessed him with a crazy amount of fame, talent, and vests.  And he dances too! Or so I’m told.

So yeah…they’re basically the same person.  😉