Reading: I just finished Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth.  I’ve loved her for years, and was so excited when her book came out I hauled the kids to the library the moment it opened last Tuesday to make sure I snagged a copy.  Her greatest gift is making it look effortless – taking moments that seem so mundane and transforming them into magic.


Watching: Now that this season of Mr. Robot is over (long sigh), our Wednesday nights are for American Horror Story: Roanoake.  It’s all right so far; not my favorite season, but watchable.  We’re also watching Fear the Walking Dead.  We recently cut our cable in favor of Playstation Vue, which we really enjoy, and we’ve been trying to make room in the week to catch up on some other shows.  We’re still two seasons behind on Homeland, and I’d love a Northern Exposure rewatch.

…I’m going to miss Mr. Robot. So much.


Listening to: Mix CDs in my car, as usual.  The kids have been digging my Vince Guaraldi Trio / Audioslave / Sting mix these days.

Proud of: The essay I wrote for Coffee + Crumbs, “When She’s Gone.” (Published today!) I’ve been very humbled by the warm response it’s received, and I’m glad that sharing my story of losing my mom resonated with other people.  (Welcome to C+C readers who found me this way!) Also, I’m proud of the fact that I recently assembled my son’s Hot Wheels track all by myself, like a grownup, no husband help needed! (Hey, it was hard! Those things are no joke.  It had a loop and everything.)

Hoping to: Get my house more clean these days!

Looking forward to: Starting some fires…in our fireplace! We’re getting firewood delivered this weekend and I’m excited to start getting toasty.

Laughing at: Hillary Clinton’s appearance on Between Two Ferns.  I don’t know how his guests go on the show without hysterically laughing the entire time.

As always, recommendations are welcome!

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