What We’re Reading (Toddler Edition)

My two and a half year old son loves to read, which makes me insanely happy for many reasons, mostly because I also love to read and I think it’s a wonderful connection to have.  I’m chomping at the bit for him to start gaining the attention span (and memory) to have chapter books read to him, but since I’m a couple of years out from that, I’m just enjoying what he’s reading now.

Like any other kid, he has his library of staples that he reads all the time, a mishmash of books that he’s been collecting since he was born.  We do have a certain set of religious-themed books he’s allowed to bring to Mass, and there’s a few new favorites he’s been cycling through, on loan from the library (but which we’re thinking of adding to his owned books).

Here are some of our favorites!

The Pigeon Books by Mo Willems











We love this series.  They’re funny, sharp, and so much fun, plus they teach the idea that tantrums get you nowhere.  Dom cracks up when we read “The Pigeon Needs a Bath,” and he begs for the hot dog party that the pigeon dreams of in “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!” We haven’t started his Knuffle Bunny series yet, but we’re hoping to start those soon.

Hooray For Bread by Allan Ahlberg










Although the book is a long-ish read for us at night, this story of a day in the life of a loaf of bread is charming.  The illustrations are lovely, and it’s a calming book to read before bedtime.

The Gossie & Friends Series by Olivier Dunrea










Dominic gets a big kick out of this beautifully illustrated, fun series of books for toddlers.  His favorite of the series is BooBoo, a curious blue gosling who loves to eat.

Take a Look, Bear! by Liesbet Slegers










This book is really very fun – as a boy details his day with his teddy bear, the pages slide out to reveal hidden surprises! Dom has had fun getting the hang of sliding the pages open and closed all by himself.  Watch out for little fingers that might get caught, though, especially if the sliding is rigorous!

Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. Shaw








This one is a fun tongue-twister of a book detailing a herd of sheep’s adventure in a Jeep that goes beep!

Which books are your toddlers’ favorites? We’re always on the lookout for new ones to get into!

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