Proud Mama

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope everyone had a happy and healthy one.  



I wonder what it says about me that my almost-two-year old son can stay still while at Eucharistic Adoration longer than I can.  I brought him to this Perpetual Adoration chapel not too far from our house the other day, and sat him down in the pew while I knelt.  He silently looked around for a while, and in between prayers I kept looking behind me, hoping he wouldn’t make any noise and disturb the other adorer there.

He wasn’t bothered at all.  He just sat there, quietly looking around.

I love so much that he loves the Church.  When we go to Mass he’s really good about sitting with either Mike or myself, content to just relax (unless it’s an evening Mass; then he gets a bit more squirmy).  I’ve continued saying Morning and Evening prayer from the breviary even though it’s Easter, and he likes to sit on my lap and listen to the cadence of petitions and psalms and readings read aloud.  He likes the picture book of saints he got for Easter, and he has his own follow-along book about Mass (even though he’s a bit young for it yet).  

I hope he always feels this way.  I hope and pray that he’ll know the Lord is always with him, even in the everyday, that he will learn that he can live in a world filled with God and doesn’t ever need to be ashamed of it.

Because it’s hard, obviously.  But his life doesn’t need to be this caricature, this worn-out path of growing up Catholic, getting Confirmed in the 8th grade, never going to Mass until you get married, barely going again until you have kids and baptizing them, and showing up twice a year at Easter and Christmas because it’s just what you do.  It can be a full life that can include God…well, include isn’t the right word.  It can be immersed in God and because of that will be full of joy.  It won’t negate the hard parts – especially the suffering – but the love I pray he has for the Church will help him to know the suffering won’t be permanent.

So much joy.  I’m a proud mama today.  🙂

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