Links Roundup!

A little sampling of what I’m reading these days.  Try adding these to your feeds, they’re awesome.

Parenting Blogs

Food & Lifestyle Blogs

  • Bleubird (Gorgeous.  I just stare at it all the time.  The Sunday’s Cake recipes are worth the time!)
  • Jason Mraz’s Journal (Dude’s got insight.)
  • Oh She Glows (Great vegan site, if you’re looking to change up your current menu rotation)
  • Bread & Honey (No longer updating, but great resources for a ton of recipes.)

Faith Blogs

  • Conversion Diary (You’ve probably heard of this already, but if not, check it out: Jennifer Fulwiler is hilarious, down-to-Earth, and her blog is an all-around good time.)
  • From the Friars (Blog posts from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.  Solid.)
  • Scissortail Silk (One of my new faves! Gorgeous lady, gorgeous message!)
  • Joel Evan Green (Pray for this beautiful family!!)

Rando Blogs

Happy reading! Got any suggestions for me? Leave them in the comments!

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