The Challenge

It’s been a long week and a half for so many people, and instead of trying to figure out how I can best help others, I just feel like running straight to God and hiding in Him.  I don’t want to remember that although the proverbial smoke has cleared from the Boston bombing and the West, Texas explosion there are still lives left behind that have been changed.

I can’t even pretend that I don’t know what to do, because I know what Jesus would want all of us to do.  To remember that even though the news has mostly moved on to other things, there are still people that need help.  People who have less limbs than they once did.  People who have less family members than they once did.  And those are just folks from those two incidents.  There are plenty more people who, in this last week alone, have less food than they once did; less friendship; less empathy.

And although I’m sure God likes the idea of me turning to Him, but He’d like it a lot more if I turned towards others, too.  When my son wants to be held instead of doing what he needs to do to help him practice a new skill, I love it, but I also know when it’s time to get him to let go and to challenge him to get moving.  I know that’s what God is doing with me at the moment.

Maybe He’s doing that with you, too?

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