Name Day

Last Saturday was Dominic’s name day, a tradition that I have never celebrated before now but that I really like.  From what I understand, celebrating a Name Day means learning more about the Saint you were named after on their Feast Day and doing something fun to commemorate it.  Because Dom is so young and wouldn’t be able to understand much by way of explanation about his namesake, we didn’t really talk about him at all, and mainly just ate a beautiful cake our friends Todd & Stephanie bought for us to celebrate.

But I’m excited for when my Dom is able to learn more about Dominic Savio.  I first learned about him from an ex-seminarian I dated briefly in college, because he was going to be a Salesian and Salesians mostly follow the tradition of Saint Don Bosco, of whom Dominic Savio was a pupil.  Don Bosco was so taken with little Dom Savio’s holiness that he ended up writing his biography after he died, and it became very popular with the readers of the day.

You can read more about him here.


I was talking to my friend Stephanie about him, and about how bad I felt because this little holy angel of a boy who barely ever sinned appeared to his father after he died and told him he got into heaven okay, but only because of the Virgin Mary’s prayers and intercessions.  And I felt like throwing my hands up in the air and saying what’s the point for me, because if little Dom Savio had to struggle to get in, there’s very little use in me trying, since I sin more in ten minutes than he did for his whole fourteen years, probably.

And she told me that it was probably just his humility saying that, and then I felt much better.


A friend of mine in college once told me that “Humility isn’t thinking little of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself little.”  And I like that idea.  I think anyone who has major anxiety issues, like I tend to, likes that idea.  Because it forces you to stop, even just for a little while, that train of anxious thoughts from running over your entire life.  Helping people gives that train a detour.

You’d think that being a full-time, stay at home mom might give me the biggest chance to think about myself little since I’m so focused on the little one, but it’s amazing how many opportunities it offers to second-guess yourself.  Maybe it’ll get better as he gets older, haha.


I can’t wait to hear who the next Pope will be! I’m really excited.  🙂

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