Finish Strong!

**Thank you so much everyone for your continued prayers for my mom! She’s started her course of radiation, and after about January 24th, God willing, if the cancer isn’t detected, she can officially be categorized as in remission! So that’s really exciting.  It’s been such a trial from start to finish for her and my family, but the end of the tunnel is in sight.  🙂 **


A guy that I work with is having his last day today at our store, and I was in charge of getting a cake for him.  I wasn’t in charge of writing on the cake for him, but had I been, I would’ve written this:

Finish strong.

Because if he’s anything like a normal human being, he’d be tempted to just slack off for the two weeks’ notice he gave.  Sure, he’d do the basics of his job, but he wouldn’t give the little extra everyone at work appreciates the next day.  And we’d miss out.  I’ve been opening our store a lot, and he’s been one of the closers, so we notice when even a little bit more is done for us.  And we appreciate it.

But when the end is in sight, people forget – or worse, they just don’t care.   So I wanted to encourage him to keep doing the best he could, all the way through, to finish the race well.

If I gave myself a cake for the last week of Advent, I’d write the exact same thing on it.  Because it hasn’t been a strong Advent for me at all.   It feels so shameful to write, but we’ve missed Mass for three  of the Advent Sundays.  (Two of the three weren’t our fault, but still.  We did make it to Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, though.)  And while we haven’t gotten caught up in the commercialized, TV-heavy version of Christmas either, we’ve really forgotten a lot about the whole idea of Advent and just haven’t spent time thinking about it.

So I’m going to try my best to finish strong.  Get myself to Confession, do some good spiritual reading, and get myself to Mass on Sunday, for Pete’s sake.  And not because I have to, but because it really is a sacred time for our Church.  A time to listen, a time to sit in wonder over the lavish love of God.

I hope you guys have all had a great Advent! 🙂

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