New Developments.

I wonder what Jesus prayed about when He went off by Himself in the mountains or the hills or wherever.  I wonder if He structured it, or if He wasn’t organized about it at all, like He would just say whatever He wanted.  I imagine it was pretty informal, and I don’t know if He even used words much of the time.  I kinda imagine it as driving your car in to the gas station and just filling up.  The car doesn’t need to talk to the pump to get what it needs.


I wonder how Mary prayed, too, because she wasn’t divine and didn’t have the added benefit of being begotten and not made.  She was totally human, and a woman, and a mother.  Were all – or most – of her prayers worrisome ones? Like “Please help Jesus do well in carpentry and don’t let Him bang His fingers with the hammer,” or “Please help Jesus not to get run out of the Temple today as He is schooling pretty much everyone sitting in front of Him?”

And Joseph, oh, dear Joseph.  I just imagine all of his prayers were constant, run-on prayers: “What do You want me to do again do You want me to take them to this town or should I go to this town and who is after us again? Let me know because I’m feeling a lot of pressure here and are you sure that I’m the right man for the job? According to Catholic tradition I may or may not be a million years old, and Mary’s just a teenager and I’m not saying I don’t love You or her but man this is a tall order and can I just kick back next Sunday and watch the game down over at Nazareth’s without some type of bounty on our heads?”


And the Apostles – I mean, did they even really pray when Jesus was around? I’m sure they did, but they were in God’s presences so much it must be like praying the Rosary during Mass…like, you kinda don’t need to, I think.  But have at it, if you like, if it helps.  I know that Jesus wanted John and Peter and…the other one, I forget who it is…to pray while He was praying during the Agony in the Garden, but that was mainly to support Jesus, I think.  And to let the apostles know, in His roundabout way, that He wasn’t going to be there much longer, so they’d better start praying on their own.

I always think of disciples as enthusiastic.  Disciples of anything, any given subject.  They just are always so excited about new developments.  And for us, I suppose that as disciples of Jesus that we can be pretty enthusiastic too.  And we find out these new developments in prayer, however you pray.


I don’t pray as often as I ought.  And I know people say that all the time but I really don’t.  My mind is constantly running either a million miles an hour or is completely distracted by drama at my job or things on the Internet.  But  I find a great comfort when I do pray, when I take a minute (or more, hopefully) to let myself think of Jesus sitting close by.  Not really asking anything of me, not really doing anything except just sitting there.  And I can talk to Him if I want, but mostly I know that He knows and so we just sit.  All of the crazy (and there has been a lot of crazy) just kind of goes away.  It gets sorted out.  Sure, it comes back in a minute if I start thinking about it again, but a little bit of that peace I just got helps it along.

I hope you find some of that peace, too.  🙂

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