7 Quick Takes Friday (The “I haven’t done this in 100 years” edition)

(For the original home of Quick Takes, check out Jen’s blog here!)

1.  Tomorrow the hubs and I are going to witness a friend’s priestly ordination! So excited…say a lot of prayers for him (his name’s Bob) – it’s such a wonderful time, but the priesthood is full of challenges, as well as joys.  🙂  Yay for more priests!

2.  Netflix Alert! Right now, today, go on Netflix Instant and find the BBC “Sherlock.”  Right now.  It’s amazing.  Right now.  So good.  It’s an updated version of Sherlock Holmes, and there’s only three episodes.  They’re filming a second season right now, which is pretty exciting.  Oh, it’s so good.  You’ll love it.  Trust me.

3.  It’s been raining pretty much  every day in Pittsburgh since the beginning of April.  It’s supposed to be nice this weekend, but in New Jersey, where we’re going, we’re…getting rain.

4.  I’m just now starting to read The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky.  It’s one of those books I’ve had forever and I tried to read a couple of times, but couldn’t get into it.  It seems to be sticking this time, though.  Have you had any books like that?

5.  Prayers are really appreciated for my mom! She had a biopsy done on a tumor she has on one of her facial nerves hat came back with inconclusive results, and now she has to have a tissue biopsy done.  Please pray it all works out for her (she is without a job & health insurance) and that we can start figuring out where to go from here! (And thanks for the prayers you’ve already said; they’ve definitely helped!)

6.  I had to:

7.  Have a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day to our soldiers and vets!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday (The “I haven’t done this in 100 years” edition)

  1. Thanks for the BBC recommendation! I want some good rainy day mysteries to watch. I’ve seen Midsommer Murders before but it’s not on streaming.

    Also, my mom used to always say, “The Bible says men have to make the coffee. In Hebrews.”

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