Catholics Are Like Canadians.*

Catholics are normal human beings.  I know, right? It is weird, when you think about it, because I bet you know a lot of crazy ones.  You can admit it.  You probably know someone who flips out over Harry Potter novels or has a lot of trouble with Protestant churches or is just plain grumpy all the time.  You don’t know too much about them because you don’t want to know much about crazy, disgruntled, grumpy people, but you do know that they’re Catholic.  It’s okay.  You also have most likely have heard that all Catholic priests are pedophiles, pretty much every Catholic nun is really mean, and every Catholic in their twenties and thirties that practices their faith is ridiculously corny.

But you know what? We’re not all like that.  Most Catholics are nice, kind people who are pretty loving and a lot of fun.  Like all Christians, we’re supposed to be “in the world, yet not of it,” but we are human, too, and Catholics care about normal – which is to say common – things, things like dieting, and iPods, and being accepted by our peers and most authority figures.  Things like purpose and science and math and art. The main difference is that we go through life with the mindset that God exists and with the goal to be united with Him after this life is over.  We see suffering and trials through life as teachable moments that help us to trust more in God and His love for us.  (I’ll also bet we like to drink more alcohol than any other Christian denomination.)

Catholics are like Canadians.  Did you know that Michael J. Fox is Canadian? And Mike Myers? And, lest I continue dating myself by solely mentioning attractive men from the early 1990s, so is Justin Bieber? My point is, their nationality is invisible to Americans.  They go about us mostly undetected (the slight tinge of the accent gives them away a bit), and most Americans only see the hotness (and in Mike Myers’ case, Wayne’s mullet).  In a similar way, a lot of people see Catholics and normal Americans.  Because a lot of us are not crazy.  We hold normal jobs in the finance world or as computer technicians or English teachers.  We have families and go to the movies and drive around on impromptu road trips.  We just pray before we leave that we won’t get into a car accident.

In fact, there is a lot about Catholicism that’s really awesome.  Let’s keep praying that through our witness, others in the world will see that too.  🙂

*This post is a reblog from like a million years ago.  Or so.

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