Caught Up

With my work, that is — not in the sky during Rapture day.  But no one else was, right?

All of the hullaballoo was very interesting to observe.  And yeah, it was fun reading articles and Twitter updates and thinking about whether this was it and goodbye world, but really, every day is kind of like that, haha.

It’s like a scene from the show Mad Men, where Peggy, a copywriter for the ad agency, is speaking with her mother’s parish priest.  She’s worried because the Cuban Missile Crisis is upon them, and she worriedly tells him,

“But Father, aren’t you scared? We could all die tomorrow!”

And he just smiles and says, “Yes, but isn’t that every day?”

So it goes.  The ones I feel most sympathy for are those who bought into the belief – literally, with their money – spending all of the money they had in the true belief that they wouldn’t be around to worry about the fallout.  They are the ones that need our prayers the most.  Sure, they made a mistake, but again – with us, isn’t that every day? 🙂

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