Know Your History.

I don’t know what Jesus expected when He preached.  I don’t know if He knew beforehand that He would be very nearly thrown out of the city on multiple occasions; that He would be denied by one of His best friends just before He died; that He would be sold out by someone who followed Him around for years.

Does it matter? It might.  If He knew ahead of time, before He was begotten by the Father and born into humanity, all that lay – in some sense – before Him, and did it anyway, well, that’s heroic.  Epic-type heroic.  Necessary.  Humbling.  If He didn’t, and learned along the way most of us do when it comes to living life, it’s still, well, heroic.  Humbling.  Because He kept going when He didn’t have the history to back up the knowledge of His fruition.

I don’t know.  It could’ve been a little of both, maybe, the way all things are a little of both.  Maybe He knew and learned, through looking back and studying the history and Scripture to place Himself in the space of prophet.  Maybe it made things easier to take if He knew His prayers were really answered because His bond to the Father was so intimate, so close, that He breathed in His Father and His Father breathed in Him through the Spirit that they truly were one.  And they were, because Jesus told us so.

Man, to be one like that.  To be one with anything.

A lot of examples, here, a lot of lessons: 1) Persevere; 2) Know your history; 3) Pray to be as close to God through prayer as Jesus was.

If we do those three things more, maybe life would be a bit easier to take.  We’d know more than ever that God is with us, that Jesus is assisting us.  We’d understand the meaning of running so as to win.  And we’d be connected with everyone – past and present – through our experiences.

Pretty sweet deal, I think.

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