Happy Easter, N’at.

(N’at is Pittsburgh-ese for “and that.”)

So, happy Easter! I have totally been MIA from the blog for almost a month, which is pretty unforgivable.  But, in protest, I’ve been busy.  I got promoted at work and my schedule has been pretty gnarly at times (waking up at 4 a.m. to make lattes will make anyone crazy!), but I’m back again in full effect.

One of the things I did instead of updating my blog was to check out a documentary on Netflix Instant called The Human Experience.  It was created by a group of guys who go on different journeys in order to find out what it means to be human — what it means to be less-than.  So they spent a week sleeping among the homeless in NYC (during the coldest week of the year, no less); some time in Peru with orphaned children; and in Ghana, speaking with AIDS sufferers and lepers.

It…was pretty amazing.  Here’s the trailer:

What really got me about this film was that it addresses such a big question we all have about ourselves.  Why are we here? Are we important? What impact do we have on the world? And the answer is different for everybody in their every day life, of course, but it all kind of boils down to the same thing – loving everyone around them and respecting them because they are human.  The lepers in Africa impacted the guys who visited them, just as they were an impact of love to the lepers.  You are an impact of love to the people you meet every day, just as they have an effect on you (positive or negative).

So check it out! A really good film – and, at the very least, a good reminder that there are people of faith out there who are trying to find more meaning in the world.  We’re not all lost, after all.  🙂

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