When We Die.

One of my friends passed away this morning. Her name was Mary, and she was one of the holiest people I’ve ever known.  Like, seriously holy.  She was a lot of other things too: funny, kind, an extremely hard worker – but she was holy.  Jesus was the top of the tops for her.  She wanted to please Him, and nothing else mattered.  And she served Him well.

That’s why I feel the way I do today: sad, but not sad about it. Because I truly, 100% believe that she’s in Heaven right now.  I know that, as Catholics, if we die with venial sin we’re carrying around that Purgatory’s our best shot, but…I mean…she was really good, and I believe she’s up there.  And if she is, then I can’t be sad about it.  I can try, but…I can’t.  Because she’s made it.  She’s where love always is, she’s feeling no pain, and the amount of joy must be the most indescribable amount.  So I’m happy for her.

I am sad that I won’t get to see her for a long time, and I’m sad that the kids who’ll be coming up on their Confirmations soon won’t have the chance to have met her and to be loved by her (because she loved pretty much everyone she met), but we’re the ones missing out, not her.  And it makes me glad.

It got me thinking about faith and what that means when someone dies. If we believe that God loves us and is merciful, then we believe that we will be with Him in Paradise, like He promised.  There’s so much hope to have in life after this one.  I don’t know; it makes sense to me.  I don’t know what it’s like to not believe in that after you die.  It must be really sad.  But I’m not today, because I knew Mary and because I know that what she’s experiencing now is the best of the best.

So I love you Mary! And although I won’t see you around for a while, I’m excited for you.  Please pray for us down here – we could use the help! And have fun.  I’ll miss you! 🙂

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