Full of Grace and Trust


Last Friday, we celebrated the feast day of the Annunciation to Mary, a hallmark day. The Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary to ask of her to carry and birth – and raise – the Messiah.  The turnkey event, really, because from Mary’s “yes” to God all the rest of it sprung forth: the fulfillment of God’s promise to His people to send a savior to reconcile all people with Him.

It came down to a moment of an angel speaking to a young girl in a room where no one else was. A monumental decision, and she said yes. And it wasn’t, I think, a decision that she was totally unaware of the repercussions of. She knew her history. She knew about God’s promise to send a messiah and that it would happen through a Hebrew woman. She knew – although we don’t know to what extent – about the pressure, about the expectation – a monstrous amount.

So she said yes, in the face of heavy persecution, of judgment, of – at the very least, people talking about her; and at the very most, being stoned to death by people who were supposed to be lettered in the law, the same law she followed and trusted.

And, yes, trust is huge. Knowing all that she did, she trusted God to take care of her. In this one, big, grandiose moment where she could’ve said no, she was scared – or no, this was altogether too big, she didn’t.

And if she could, then…well, what stops me? Because to be honest, trusting in God is my #1 stumbling block. Faith. Believing it will all work out for good. I do think it will – I’m not a nihilist – but man, sometimes it’s hard.

So today, I pray for Mary’s help, for her example to stay at the forefront of my mind – because that’s what it comes down to these days – saying to God every single day, yes, I will do what You need.

Such a paradox, that my biggest cross to bear is the symbol of the faith I very much lack.

In the industry, we call that irony.  😉

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