Moses Killed a Dude.

So…I just realized this today, but…Moses killed a dude.  Yeah.  Before he parted the sea, before he led God’s chosen people out of slavery and towards the Promised Land, he killed an Egyptian, hid the body, and hoped no one would find out.  Okay, the Egyptian probably started it – I mean, Moses wasn’t the sort of guy who went around killing folks for no good reason – but think about what that means.

I’m not taking away from all of the good Moses did, and I recognize his importance in our faith, but it’s so amazing that God still wanted him and needed him.  He didn’t discard him because of his past mistakes.  He didn’t say, “Well, gee — I was all set to use Moses for this really important idea I had – you know, freeing my chosen people from lifetimes of slavery — but he’s done something so crazy and evil that I can’t.   Oh well.  More slavery it is!”

Instead, He chose to continue His good work in an imperfect vessel.

So the next time you feel inadequate, or scared, or worried that you can’t possibly do what you feel God is calling you do to, ask yourself this: “Did I kill someone?” If you haven’t, then you’re in a better starting place than Moses was.  And even if you have (well, first, get to Confession pronto), remember that God still loves you and it’s not too late to keep going with your life.

Now go and part some seas! 🙂


(This blog originally appeared on the Tumblr version of this blog, here.  I update this one much more often.  🙂 )

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