Way Down In The Hole

So this has been on repeat on my computer for about 12 hours.  Love this song…amazing.  It was written by the great Tom Waits, but performed here by the Five Blind Boys of Alabama.  You might recognize it as the theme song from the first season of “The Wire.”

When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
if you walk with Jesus
he’s gonna save your soul
you gotta keep the devil
way down in the hole

he’s got the fire and the fury
at his command
well you don’t have to worry
if you hold on to Jesus hand
we’ll all be safe from Satan
when the thunder rolls
just gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole

All the angels sing about Jesus’ mighty sword
and they’ll shield you with their wings
and keep you close to the lord
don’t pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold
you gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole


Sorry for the lack of updates! Things have been things, I guess you could say.  Work is work, and every day is another chance to get closer to God.  So far I’ve been treating my Lenten observations (for the most part) like a New Year’s Resolution – so far so good, but let’s see how long it lasts, haha.  I do the same thing pretty much every year, which is pray both morning and evening prayer from the Divine Office (a big sacrifice for me because I hate waking up earlier than I have to / going to bed later than I wan to to do it).  I also tacked on trying not to gossip or talk badly about others this year, which is something that I have a lot of trouble with.  I really am such a gossip, and I’m trying to quell that a bit.  So far it’s working, but not as much as I’d like, to be honest with you.  But that’s how it happens, right? Lent is a journey; it’s not all at once.  I hope all of your Lenten plans have been going well, and you’re getting a chance to devote some more time to God and His goodness.


Have a great day!

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