Hallelujah, Gwyneth Paltrow! It’s Fat Tuesday!

So, Fat Tuesday – the last day to stuff it all in before the ashes and (spiritual) sackcloth. Do you have any particular Fat Tuesday traditions in your household? Favorite “last” meaty foods?

We don’t have much of a Fat Tuesday, but I was thinking the other day that I should have a “Hallelujah Tuesday,” since we can’t say it for the next 40 days.  It means “Praise the Lord,” and I want to really use it, too – like, “Hey! I got a parking spot! Hallelujah!” or “Thanks for this beautiful sunshine, Lord, Hallelujah!” Because I kind of don’t say it enough outside of Mass.

I was explaining this to my husband the other day and he wondered why there are two Hallelujahs, and I told him they’re the same thing, just one is the Hebrew spelling and the other, Alleluia, is the Latin.  It’s really just the same word.  It reminded me of a similar conversation we had on Oscar night, when we were watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance.  He was just listening to it while doing work on his computer, and without looking up, said:

“I find it really annoying that there are two Gwyneth Paltrows.”

I laughed.  “There’s only one.”

“That’s her?!”


I hope your one Fat Tuesday is fun and your upcoming Lent holy! Anything you’re giving up/adding on this year? I have a few ideas & will post about it on Wednesday!

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