7 Quick Takes (Friday)

(For the original 7 Quick Takes, check out Jen’s blog here!)

1.  So, trying to teach yourself how to sew…how can I put this?…sucks. It’s a really long and arduous process, made more difficult for me because I want to get everything 100% right the first time I do it.  I like forget that I have to do things like learn how to do things.  I don’t live in the Matrix — I can’t automatically get plugged into knowlege.  Although that’d be pretty sweet, right? I’d sit in the chair, lean back, get the plug inserted into my brain, upload “Sewing for Dummies,” and be all set.  Poof.  Scarf I tried to make DONE.

2.  A conversation at work, talking about the show “Intervention,” which my husband and I are ironically addicted to:

Kayla: I watch that show! One of the girls on it once was addicted to Prilosec.

Me: (quizzically) Prilosec? Like for heartburn?

Kayla: Yeah, it was crazy.  She couldn’t stop taking it.  Her mom was on it and would give her some, and then she got hooked, and it was just crazy.

Me: (after a few minutes) Wait.  Prilosec? Do you mean Percocet?


Kayla: Yeah! Percocet!

Intervention is the best show ever.

3.  Speaking of the best show ever, our Netflix DVD this week is the first season of The Wire. Everyone we know – and literally, everyone we know – who has seen it claims that it is the best TV series ever created, written, acted, conceived, etc.  So I’m excited about it.  Have you seen it? Good? Bad? Overhyped? Underrated? Let’s discuss.

4.  Book recommendation! The Science of Fear. Seriously – first good book I’ve read all year.  (Yeah, I know it’s February.  But it’s the end of February.)  It’s about why we fear the things we shouldn’t — and why we tend to ignore the things we should fear.  It’s a really good, easy read (no heavy scientific data-speak), and really interesting.  Check it out!

5.  So, Lent. What to give up/add to my life.  For the past few years now I’ve been praying both the morning and evening prayers in the Breviary, coupled the year before last with blogging the daily Scripture readings.  I think I’ll stick with the Breviary this year, but I’m also thinking of adding on visits to the local Adoration chapel a few times a week.  I just need more silence, I think.  I’m always surrounded by so much noise, so much distraction.  And we all know that it’s much harder to hear God when there’s too much other stuff crammed into your ears.  So we’ll see.

6.  I think if I had the choice, I’d be the patron saint of ulcers. Well, the co-patron; Job is the main man right now.  (And with good reason –  if I was a good and righteous man getting pretty much everything I love stripped from me for no discernible reason whatsoever, my stomach lining would be eating itself daily too.)  But it really sucks to have one! I was diagnosed last winter with it; and it seems to have been acting up these days.  If I was holy, it might look something like this:

But I’m not that holy, so it looks more like this:

7.  I can’t believe March is in just a few days…but that means Spring! Enjoy your week! 🙂

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