7 Quick Takes Friday

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7 Quick Takes Friday: The Shared-Link Edition!

(Every morning before work, I spend a half hour with my coffee and reading “my sites,” the blogs I head to for inspiration, humor, and all the good things life has to offer.  This week, I’m going to share 7 of my favorite places to be on the Internet.
Check out these sites for some great reads!)

1. Conversion Diary :  I forget how I first found Jen’s blog two years ago, but I haven’t missed a post since.  Her candid sharing of life as a convert to Catholicism (and as a mother of five children!) is inspiring, authentic, and extremely down to earth.  She covers a lot of spiritual topics, but always from a point of earnest curiosity, which is great.

2.  Enjoying the Small Things :  I first found Kelle’s blog by way of author Don Miller’s website, and was immediately drawn to her warmth, honesty, and brilliant talent as a photographer.  She fully opens her life to her readers; and as a mother to a one-year-old with Down’s Syndrome, her insights into the small joys of life are absolutely wonderful and completely heartwarming!

3.  This Recording : This is a fun, intelligent online magazine I found a while ago; and I love reading it.  The articles cover a variety of topics, ranging from art and literature to science and entertainment; and its fresh voice never fails to inspire me to learn more about the world I live in (or at least open my eyes to it a little more each day!).

4.  A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss :  Erika’s blog is nothing short of phenomenal.  Her posts on what foods are best for all of us are extremely insightful and educational.  I’ve learned more about how to avoid processed foods, what exactly make up a lot of the packaged foods we think are “good” for us, and some great recipes to help me find my way towards more “cleaner” eating.

5. Hyperbole & A Half  :  One word — hilarious.  I seriously cannot describe how funny this site is.  If you seriously need a belly laugh, look no further!

6. Ill Doctrine : Jay Smooth is one of my favorite people (even though I don’t know him personally or anything).  His video blog contains some of the most intelligent, logical, and amazing contributions to the discussions surrounding politics, hip-hop, pop-culture, and everything in between that I have ever read.  Check him out!

7.  Brazen Careerist : Brainchild of Penelope Trunk, this site is a must for folks wanting to learn how to move forward in their careers, giving good tips for how to look at work from a new perspective.

(Interestingly, five of the seven blogs were maintained and authored primarily by women.  Yay, us! We rock!)

Have a great weekend! 🙂

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I picked up on Kelle’s blog b/c I too have a little angel-girl with DS. I don’t read as often now, but I’m really glad she’s there putting her daughter front and center. Our girls are wall-demolishers, and that’s a very good thing.

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