Project 31: Trust

Project 31.10:  What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)

I think Jesus is teaching me quite a few things, the first and foremost of those being trust.  I have trust issues.  And not in that “I wear dark eyeliner even when I don’t see anyone because there’s no point, you know, and I don’t go on dates with guys to the movies because I’m always in the dark everyday because I’ve been burned, man, burned!” sort of way, but in the “I just want to make sure I’m taken care of” sort of way.

And I always am.  I mean – I’m here, I’m alive, I have a great husband and I live in a great city and I have a great family and I have food to eat every day and fantastic friends and I learn a whole lot.  I’m always learning.

I just…forget.  Like, every day.  So I’m at this funny little stage where I have to be reminded – daily – that I can trust in God because He will always provide for me.  And yeah, it sucks because I don’t particularly feel worthy of that kind of providence, but maybe I can learn some of that lesson too.  🙂

And I don’t think that’s necessarily a woman thing – I think that lesson had to be imparted just as much, if not more, on Joseph and Mary as they sort of made their way to Bethlehem and then as fugitives in Egypt.  But I think it is important, as women, to remember the idea of trust, because I think a lot of women get hurt trying to find trust where there won’t necessarily be any.


For more Project 31, check out She Breathes Deeply! Have a great day!

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