Project 31: Encourage doesn’t rhyme with “Entourage,” but it should.

Project 31.7Write a blog to encourage another beautiful woman.

With all assumption that the women who read this are beautiful (because we all are) — and the dudes who might know that the ladies in their lives are beautiful too, today’s Project 31 entry is for everyone – and no one in particular.  🙂

Dear You,

The word encourage is a great word: “to give courage to.”

To give courage to.

To empower someone.  To spur someone on.  To tell them that in their own way, they can do it, whatever “it” is.  Does one of your friends think she can’t get back on her feet? Your words can help her to do that.  Is your brother having a hard time making ends meet? You can help him discover a new way to earn money, or cheer him on his current path and give him the courage to go after that raise or to find the energy to do whatever it takes.

Of course, giving courage to someone implies that you have some yourself to give.  I know sometimes we forget that we have it, but we all do.  If you’ve been through something rough, you’ve earned it.  If you’ve given your day to God, you’ve received it as a gift.  If a friend or a spouse or someone you just passed on the street gave you a smile or a kind word, you’ve taken it in.

A lot of courage-giving and taking sounds pretty good to me.  🙂

If you’re lacking in courage, I hope you find some.   If you have some extra to give, don’t hesitate to! We’ll all build each other up!

Have a great night! 🙂



For more info on Project 31, click the “She Breathes Deeply” link on my blogroll!

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