Project 31: Heart’s Alive!

Project 31.5: Write a Blog Thanking Someone Who Has Made Your Heart Come Alive

(Note: I’m a bit under the weather tonight, so this one’ll be shorter than it probably should be, haha.)

Dear Fr. Augustino:

We met in college, back when you were just Tino, when we both loved God so much we thought we’d dry up if we didn’t talk about him for ten minutes! I didn’t know you that well and I was hyperactive at times, so I’m sure you thought I was a little crazy – but I appreciated so much your letters to me after we graduated and you were with the Friars. Your life of sacrifice and prayer has been so inspiring, and I love reading even now about all of the good work you and your brothers are up to in all the corners of the world.  You’re out there helping families, living simply, and teaching so many folks how to cast yourselves into the arms of God and never let go.

God is doing such good work in you, and you’ve inspired me to try to do the best I can with my own prayer life.

Miss you!


For more on Project 31, check out Mandy’s blog at “She Breathes Deeply!”


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