Project 31: Inspired Beauty.

Project 31.3: Who is Someone You know Who Inspires Beauty?

I feel like I need to tell you about the most beautiful woman in the world.

Her name is Genny, and she’s my best friend…that is a girl (my husband is my guy best friend, haha).  She is absolutely, hands down, the most beautiful person I have ever met, because her heart is the kind that shines completely through her.  She cares about other people the way you’re supposed to: openly, without judgement, sweetly.  She gives you the benefit of the doubt.  When you’re so upset with yourself that you’ve been crying for hours on end and you feel like the most horrible thing on the planet, she’ll get you a cup of really cold water and sit on the floor with you until you feel better.  She’ll write you letters and notes and encourage you until you feel whole again.

Yeah, she might disagree with you, but even when she does, she still talks to you like you’re a human being; and when she’s upset she doesn’t hide it the way some people might, burying it deep down and bringing it up again for no reason.

And her faith…man, her faith.  It’s like it was sewn right onto her the minute she was born, like a second little baby skin, and it grew with her as she grew up.  If there are tears in it or holes you can’t see them,  and she loves Jesus so much that others do just by talking to her.  She’s not a John the Baptist – she doesn’t yell a lot – but she’s John the Beloved Disciple.

She was instrumental in bringing me closer to Jesus when I first met her in college, when we bonded in prayer meetings and over Veggie Tales.  And even though I’m in PA now and she’s making her life out in CO, my life is no less full of the feeling that she’s still in it, that she still encourages me all of the time.

She just became a mama a couple of weeks ago, to the sweetest little girl in the world! I’m so happy for her I could burst.  Mostly I’m happy that this little girl will have a mom like Genny; and if I’m ever sad, it’s because I know a lot of little girls don’t.

She inspires me to be better, and I can with 100% certainty say she’s inspired me to see beauty where others might see an ordinary day.

🙂      Check out the origin of Project 31 overat Mandy’s blog, “She Breathes Deeply!”

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