Project 31!

So a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome blog, “She Breathes Deeply,” and I was instantly hooked.  I am Christian and love yoga and tea and am also married (although no kids yet!), and I was so excited to read all about Mandy’s lovely life.   She recently started up Project 31 and I’m joining in too, although I’m horrible with daily stuff, so I might not hit all 31.  (I started late, so I’ll do the first two today, lol.)

Project 31.1: What does beauty mean to you?

To me, whenever I think about beauty, I think about a magnet.  I think about people being drawn to beauty — moths to a flame, that sort of thing.  Beauty is just itself – it radiates.  It brings others in.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty, although pretty can be beautiful.  But sometimes beautiful things come of things that are physically ugly.  Love comes out of hate, generosity comes out of poverty, humility comes out of pride.

I have my Master’s degree in English lit, and I always think about Keats: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty; that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

Jesus was the truth, too — the way, the truth, and the life.  And people were drawn to Him in a way that can only mean He was beautiful.  Not pretty – I mean, I bet He was physically attractive and all – but there was something inside of Him that drew others to Him.

Project 31.2: What makes you uniquely you?

I think I have to say that what makes me uniquely me is that I’m fascinated by people, and because I want to know so much about them I share a lot about my own life, more than other people necessarily want to know.   I talk a lot – and I usually say the wrong thing, or too much of something, but it’s so I can make other people feel like they can open up to me, too.  Because we’re all so fascinating.  We all have our own stories, we all have something in our lives that other people can identify with.  And that’s great!

I think I’m also a pretty well-rounded person, the kind that knows a little bit about everything, so I can carry out pretty good conversations.  I can talk about movies and music to one person, and about literary theory to another; I can also talk some good theology and also good recipes.  I can listen with empathy and also cry when someone’s hurt; I can understand the darkness we all have – and the light, too, because I get both.

That’s me! 🙂  Join the fun with your own Project 31…get started here! 🙂

She Breathes Deeply


8 thoughts on “Project 31!

  1. Thanks for sharing with us! I love what you shared about beauty and people being drawn to it. I think that is a great way of describing it!

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