7 Quick-Takes Friday

(For the best Quick Takes ever, check out the original ones at Jen’s blog!)

1.  This is my first 7 Quick-Takes from the new house! I’m starting up a new version of OTO here at WordPress.  I still love the Tumblr site and I’ll continue to cross-post there, but I thought I’d branch out a bit, meet some new folks, and allow for more comment space.  If you’re not familiar with OTO and just found this post by accident, check it out here!

2.  Maybe I’m alone in this, but social networking gives me a headache.  It’s really overwhelming to think of all of the work that goes into talking about yourself (especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to talk about yourself that much) online.  But it is fun to get back into things like Twitter, which I’ve failed spectacularly at before but am trying up again.  If you’re on Twitter, ‘ll follow you! Check it out  here!

3.  I’m probably the only one who does this, but I spent no less than two hours last night watching Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers interview various filmmakers and actors in his office. My two faves were Rob Zombie and Diablo Cody — two really down-to-Earth folks who are really passionate about what they do.  I also recommend the sit-downs with Eli Roth and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

4.  I am reading the best book ever right now, a book I should have read a long time ago: “The Corrections,” by Jonathan Franzen.  I can’t.  It’s too amazing.  It’s a book about a wayward family whose matriarch is trying to pull together for one last Christmas in the Midwest; and the details he uses and just his style, it’s amazing.  I’m only halfway through but I can’t recommend it enough!

5.  In two days, the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet with the New York Jets to play for the AFC Championship.  My husband and I are tremendously huge Steelers fans — watching the last game, I seriously had to take a nap afterward, I was concentrating on the screen so hard! I hope they take it home and head to another Super Bowl!

6.  I don’t know if anyone’s made any New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or anything dealing with food, but if you have an interest in eating “clean foods,” (less processed ones), I cannot recommend Erika’s blog enough.  Her posts on how to wean off of processed foods and move towards more healthier choices are awesome, well-written, and very funny.  I’ve found a new blog to get addicted to!

7.  Well, I guess that’s it.  Keep checking back as I fill up the blog! Have an awesome week!

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